Course NameSemesterSl No.Subject NameView
BA ECONOMICSSemester I2Principles of economics
BA ECONOMICSSemester I3Social formation
BA ECONOMICSSemester I1Methodology of social science
BA ECONOMICSSemester II1Development and environmental economics
BA ECONOMICSSemester II2Development of sociological theories
BA ECONOMICSSemester II3Transition to the contemporary world
BA ECONOMICSSemester I2Social formation in premodern India
BA ECONOMICSSemester III1Modern Banking
BA ECONOMICSSemester III2Principles of micro economics
BA ECONOMICSSemester IV1Government machinery and process
BA ECONOMICSSemester IV2Micro economic analysis
BA ECONOMICSSemester IV3Public Economics
BA EnglishI1Methodology of humanities and literature
BA EnglishI2Grammar and conversational skills
BA EnglishSemester I3An introduction to sociology
BA EnglishSemester II1Business Communication
BA EnglishSemester II2Development of Social Theory
BA EnglishSemester II3Introduction to communication
BA EnglishSemester III1Advertising and copy writing
BA EnglishSemester III2Evolution of literary movements
BA EnglishSemester III3Literature & Informatics
BA EnglishSemester III4Print media and journalism
BA EnglishSemester IV1Evolution of literary movements
BA EnglishSemester IV2Print media and journalism
BA EnglishSemester IV3Reading Fiction
BA EnglishSemester IV4Reading Poetry
BA EnglishSemester V1Creative writing and translation studies
BA EnglishSemester V2Language and linguistics
BA EnglishSemester V3Mass communication and broadcasting
BA EnglishSemester V4Public relations
BA EnglishSemester VI1Entrepreneurship Development
BA EnglishSemester VI2Office administration and human resource
BA EnglishSemester VI3Public Relations-ii
BA EnglishSemester vi5Visual Media
BA EnglishSemester VI4Travel and tourism
BA HistorySemester I1Methodology and perspective of social science
BA HistorySemester I2Principles of economics
BA HistorySemester I3Environmental history
BA HistorySemester II1Cultural translation in pre modern Kerala
BA HistorySemester II2Economics-Basic economic studies
BA HistorySemester II3Demography and environment
BA HistorySemester III1Making of modern Kerala
BA HistorySemester III2Informatics
BA HistorySemester III3History of Indian forestry
BA HistorySemester III4Basic statistics
BA HistorySemester IV1Understanding the past
BA HistorySemester IV2Early societies in India
BA HistorySemester IV3Statistical tools
BA HistorySemester IV4Colonialism and Indian forests
BA HistorySemester V1Institutions in Pre-colonial India
BA HistorySemester V2India-Nation in the making
BA HistorySemester V3Trends in historical writing
BA HistorySemester V4Human ecology
BA HistorySemester VI1Issues in contemporary India
BA HistorySemester VI2Situating medieval world
BA HistorySemester VI3Understanding modern world
BA HistorySemester VI4Wildlife management
BA HistorySemester VI5Forest management
BA MalayalamSemester I1Kavitha sankramam
BA MalayalamSemester I2nadakavum cinemayum
BA MalayalamSemester I3Parasyavum madhyamangalum
BA MalayalamSemester II1Journalism-Lakshyavum charithravum
BA MalayalamSemester II2Copy writing-Parasyavum management thathwangalum
BA MalayalamSemester II3Cherussery muthal kavithrayam vare
BA MalayalamSemester II4Parasyavum Management Thathwangalum
BA MalayalamSemester III1Bharateeya pathrapravarthanam
BA MalayalamSemester III2Parasya bhasha
BA MalayalamSemester III3Samooha parinamavum samskaravum: Adhunikapoorva Keralam
BA MalayalamSemester IV1Samskara charithram-Adhunika Keralam
BA MalayalamSemester IV2Reporting
BA MalayalamSemester V1Bharateeya Sahitya sidhanthangal
BA MalayalamSemester V2Keraleeya rangakala
BA MalayalamSemester V3Samanya bhasha sasthram
BA MalayalamSemester V4Bharateeyathara sahithya sidhantangal
BA MalayalamSemester VI1Katha sahityam
BA MalayalamSemester VI2Gadya sahityam niroopanam
BA MalayalamSemester VI3Pracheena Malayalam-Padyavum gadyavum
BA MalayalamSemester VI4Vyakaranam, Bhasha charithram
BA MalayalamSemester VI5Magazine journalism
BCOMSemester I1Business statistics
BCOMSemester I2Modern Banking
BCOMSemester I3Business regulatory frame work
BCOMSemester I4Perspective and methodology of business studies
BCOMSemester II1Principles of Insurance
BCOMSemester II2Corporate regulation and governance
BCOMSemester II3Business communication and management information system
BCOMSemester II4Quantitative techniques for business research
BCOMSemester III1Business management
BCOMSemester III2E-commerce and general informatics
BCOMSemester III3Financial management
BCOMSemester III4Marketing management
BCOMSemester III5Financial accounting
BCOMSemester IV1Capital market
BCOMSemester IV2Corporate accounting
BCOMSemester IV3Entrepreneurship development and project management
BCOMSemester IV4Financial services
BCOMSemester IV5Value added Tax-concepts and practices
BCOMSemester V1Cost accounting
BCOMSemester V2Advertising and sales promotion
BCOMSemester V3Special accounting
BCOMSemester V4Fundamentals of accounting
BCOMSemester V5Income tax law and practice
BCOMSemester V6Cost accounting
BCOMSemester VI1Practical auditing
BCOMSemester VI2Applied cost accounting
BCOMSemester VI3Principles of business decisions
BCOMSemester VI4Accounting for managerial decisions
BCOMSemester VI5Income tax - assessment and procedure
BSc ChemistrySemester I1Methodology of Chemistry as a discipline of science
BSc ChemistrySemester I2Properties of matter, mechanics and particle physics
BSc ChemistrySemester I3Differential calculus and trigonometry
BSc ChemistrySemester II1Theoretical and inorganic Chemistry
BSc ChemistrySemester II2Integral calculus and matrices
BSc ChemistrySemester II3Electric and magnetic phenomena, Thermodynamics and elementary solid state Physics
BSc ChemistrySemester III1Fundamentals of organic chemistry
BSc ChemistrySemester III2Quantum Mechanics, Spectroscopy, Nuclear Physics and Electronics
BSc ChemistrySemester III3Vector calculus Differential equations and analytic geometry
BSc ChemistrySemester IV1Basic organic chemistry-I
BSc ChemistrySemester IV2Physical optics, Laser physics and Super conductivity
BSc ChemistrySemester IV3Differential equations, Abstract algebra, Numerical analysis
BSc ChemistrySemester V1Basic organic chemistry-II
BSc ChemistrySemester V2Chemistry of D and F block Elements
BSc ChemistrySemester V3Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
BSc ChemistrySemester V4States of matter
BSc ChemistrySemester VI1Solution chemistry
BSc ChemistrySemester VI2Applied inorganic chemistry
BSc ChemistrySemester VI3Environmental Chemistry
BSc ChemistrySemester VI4Equilibrium and kinetics
BSc ChemistrySemester VI5Chemistry of natural products and biomolecules
BSc MathematicsSemester I1Foundation of mathematics
BSc MathematicsSemester I2Linear programming
BSc MathematicsSemester I3Computer fundamentals
BSc MathematicsSemester II1Analytic geometry, trigonometry and matrices
BSc MathematicsSemester II2Operation research-duality transportation and assignment problems
BSc MathematicsSemester II3Introduction to operating system and OS as resource manager
BSc MathematicsSemester III1Calculus
BSc MathematicsSemester III2Operation research-Queuing theory
BSc MathematicsSemester III3Object oriented programming in C++
BSc MathematicsSemester III4Vector calculus, Fourier series and analytic geometry
BSc MathematicsSemester IV1Vector calculus, theory of equations and numerical methods
BSc MathematicsSemester IV2Database management system
BSc MathematicsSemester IV3Operations research Non-linear programming
BSc MathematicsSemester IV4Non-linear programming
BSc MathematicsSemester IV4Fourier series
BSc MathematicsSemester V1Mathematical analysis
BSc MathematicsSemester V2Differential equations
BSc MathematicsSemester V3Abstract algebra
BSc MathematicsSemester VI1Real analysis
BSc MathematicsSemester VI2Complex analysis
BSc MathematicsSemester VI3Discrete mathematics
BSc MathematicsSemester VI4Linear algebra and metric spaces
BSc petroSemester I2Differential calculus and trignometry
BSc petroSemester I3Methodology of chemistry as a discipline
BSc petroSemester I4Origin and recovery of crude oil
BSc petroSemester I1Computer fundamentals and office automation
BSc petroSemester II1Computer Science programming with C
BSc petroSemester II2Integral calculus and matrices
BSc petroSemester II2Test method and petroleum process
BSc petroSemester II4Theoretical and Inorganic Chemistry
BSc petroSemester III1Fundamentals of organic chemistry
BSc petroSemester III2Manufacturing of petrochemicals
BSc petroSemester III3Vector calculus and differential equations
BSc petroSemester III4Web technology and programming
BSc petroSemester III5Production and application of compounds from petro
BSc petroSemester IV1Visual programming techniques
BSc petroSemester IV2Petroleum Industries in India
BSc petroSemester IV3Manufacture of petrochemicals-ii
BSc petroSemester IV4Fourier series
BSc petroSemester V1Basic organic chemistry
BSc petroSemester V2Chemistry of D and F block elements
BSc petroSemester V3Quantum mechanics and spectroscopy
BSc PhysicsSemester I1Differential calculus and trigonometry
BSc PhysicsSemester I2Methodology on Physics
BSc PhysicsSemester I3Computer fundamentals
BSc PhysicsSemester I4Operating system and computer networks
BSc PhysicsSemester II1Integral calculus and matrices
BSc PhysicsSemester II2Work and data processing packages
BSc PhysicsSemester II3Programming language I-ANSI C
BSc PhysicsSemester II4Mechanics and properties of matter
BSc PhysicsSemester III1Electricity and electrodynamics
BSc PhysicsSemester III2Concepts of object oriented programing
BSc PhysicsSemester III3C++ programming
BSc PhysicsSemester III4Vector calculus Differential equations and analytic geometry
BSc PhysicsSemester III5Electronics
BSc PhysicsSemester IV1Visual Basic programing
BSc PhysicsSemester IV2Electronics
BSc PhysicsSemester IV3Electricity and electrodynamics
BSc PhysicsSemester IV4Computer Web application and graphics
BSc PhysicsSemester IV5Differential equations, Abstract algebra, Numerical analysis
BSc PhysicsSemester IV6Physical optics, Laser physics
BSc PhysicsSemester V1Physical optics and photonics
BSc PhysicsSemester V2Thermal and statistical physics
BSc PhysicsSemester V3Digital electronics
BSc PhysicsSemester V4Classical and quantum mechanics
BSc PhysicsSemester VI1Computational Physics
BSc PhysicsSemester VI2Nuclear and Particle Physics
BSc PhysicsSemester VI3Condensed matter Physics
BSc PhysicsSemester VI4Relativity and spectroscopy
BSc PhysicsSemester VI5Nanoscience and nanotechnology
English - First LanguageSemester I1Communication skills in English
English - First LanguageSemester I2Reading literature in English
English - First LanguageSemester II1Critical thinking, Academic writing and Presentation
English - First LanguageSemester II1Musings on vital issues
English - First LanguageSemester III1Reflection on Indian polity, secularism and sustainable environment
English - First LanguageSemester III2Perspective in literature
English - First LanguageSemester IV1Evolution of the philosophy of science-literary perspectives
English - First LanguageSemester IV2Reflection on vital issues
Hindi-Second LanguageSemester I1Prose and applied Hindi
Hindi-Second LanguageSemester I2Prose and one act play
Hindi-Second LanguageSemester I3Poetry and Communicative Hindi
Hindi-Second LanguageSemester II1Poetry, Communicative Hindi and Translation
Hindi-Second LanguageSemester II2Translation, Communication skills and Applied grammar
Hindi-Second LanguageSemester II3Prose and short stories
Hindi-Second LanguageSemester III1Poetry and Fiction
Hindi-Second LanguageSemester IV1Culture and Civilization of India
M.A MalayalamIII227Malayala Kavitha - Randamkhattam
M.A MalayalamIII2282 Malayala niroopanam
M.A MalayalamIII2293 Drisyakala Sahithyam
M.A MalayalamSemester III4Kerala samskara padanam
M.A MalayalamSemester IV1Janasamskara padanam
M.A MalayalamSemester IV2Nadakavum Cinemayum
M.A MalayalamSemester IV3Paribhasha- Sidhantavum Prayogavum
M.A MalayalamSemester IV5Sthreepaksha Rachanakal
M.A MalayalamSemester IV4Puthu Sahitya Sameepanangal
M.SC MathematicsSemester III4Optimization Techniques
M.SC MathematicsSemester III4Optimization Techniques
M.SC MathematicsSemester IV1Analytic Number Theory
M.SC MathematicsSemester IV2Coding Theory
M.SC MathematicsSemester IV3Mathematical economics
M.SC MathematicsSemester IV4Operations Research
M.SC MathematicsSemester IV5Spectral Theory
MA HistorySemester I1Approaches of History
MA HistorySemester II1Agriculture, Craft and exchange in India
MA HistorySemester II2History of Social institution and structure
MA HistorySemester II3Making the Indian nation historical antecedents
MA HistorySemester II4Perspective of women's history and the history of
MA HistorySemester II5Social formations of Kerala
MA HistorySemester I2History of social revolutions in the world
MA HistorySemester III1History and social theory
MA HistorySemester III2History of revolts and protest movements in coloni
MA HistorySemester III3Knowledge system in pre modern India
MA HistorySemester III4Methods of techniques of research
MA HistorySemester III5State and society in India CAD1000-1800
MA HistorySemester I3Revenue Administrations in India
MA HistorySemester IV1Ancient Civilization of India
MA HistorySemester IV2Contemporary India
MA HistorySemester IV3Diplomatic history of the usa since 1914
MA HistorySemester IV4India making of a colony
MA HistorySemester IV5Rise of modern Japan
MA HistorySemester I5Social formation in kerala till the end of
MA HistorySemester I5Transition from pre state to state societies
MA MalayalamSemesterI 1Kavitha-Pracheenam-Madhyakalam
MA MalayalamSemester I2Malayalabhasha-Charithravum Varthamanavum
MA MalayalamSemester I3Katha sahityam
MA MalayalamSemester I 4Sahitya Charithra vinjaneeyam
MA MalayalamSemester I5Samskrutham-Bhashayum sahityavum
MA MalayalamSemester II 1Novel sahityam
MA MalayalamSemester II2Sahitya sameepanangal-Bharateeyam
MA MalayalamSemester II 3Malayala kavitha -Adhunikatha
MA MalayalamSemester II4Bharateeya sahitya sidhantangal
MA MalayalamSemester II 5Bhasha sastram
MA MalayalamSemester III5Malayala Bhasha Vyakaranam
Malayalam-Second LanguageSemester I1Katha, Novel
Malayalam-Second LanguageSemester I2Kathayum Kavithayum
Malayalam-Second LanguageSemester I3Katha, Kavitha, Nadakam
Malayalam-Second LanguageSemester I4Katha,Kavitha
Malayalam-Second LanguageSemester II1Gadyavum rachanayum: Novel
Malayalam-Second LanguageSemester II2Rachanayum prayogavum-Gadyam
Malayalam-Second LanguageSemester II3Kavitha
Malayalam-Second LanguageSemester II4Gadyam, Rachana
Malayalam-Second LanguageSemester III1Arangum porulum
Malayalam-Second LanguageSemester IV1Gadyam, Rachana Parichayam
MCOMSemester I1Quantitative techniques
MCOMSemester I2Research methodology
MCOMSemester I3Financial management principles
MCOMSemester I4Principles of management and organizational behaviour
MCOMSemester I5Advanced financial accounting-I
MCOMSemester II1Operations research
MCOMSemester II2Human resource management
MCOMSemester II3Financial management strategies
MCOMSemester II4Strategic management
MCOMSemester II5Advanced financial accounting-ii
MCOMSemester III1Corporate governance
MCOMSemester III2Business environment
MCOMSemester III3International busines
MCOMSemester III4Direct taxes- Law and practices
MCOMSemeser III5Management accounting
MCOMSemester IV1Advanced cost accounting
MCOMSemester IV2Direct taxes-Assessment and procedures
MCOMSemester IV3Financial markets and derivatives
MCOMSemester IV 4International finance
MCOMSemester IV5Security analysis and potfolio management
MSc ChemistrySemester I1Organaometallic and nuclear chemistry
MSc ChemistrySemester I2Structural and molecular organic chemistry
MSc ChemistrySemester I3Quantum chemistry and group theory
MSc ChemistrySemester I4Classical and statistical thermodynamics
MSc ChemistrySemester II 1Co-ordination chemistry
MSc ChemistrySemester II2Organic reaction mechanisms
MSc ChemistrySemester II 3Chemical bonding and computational chemistry
MSc ChemistrySemester II4Molecular spectroscopy
MSc ChemistrySemester III1Spectoscopic methods in chemistry
MSc ChemistrySemester III2Chemical kinetics,surface chemistry and photo chemistry
MSc ChemistrySemester III3Organic synthesis
MSc ChemistrySemester III4Structural inorganic chemistry
MSc ChemistrySemester IV1Advanced physical chemistry
MSc ChemistrySemester IV2Advanced organic chemistry
MSc ChemistrySemester IV3Advanced inorganic chemistry
MSc MathematicsSemester I1Complex analysis
MSc MathematicsSemester I2Graph theory
MSc MathematicsSemester I3Measure theory and integration
MSc MathematicsSemester I4Basic topology
MSc MathematicsSemester I5Linear algebra
MSc MathematicsSemester II1Real analysis
MSc MathematicsSemester II2Partial differential equations
MSc MathematicsSemester II3Advanced complex analysis
MSc MathematicsSemester II 4Advanced topology
MSc MathematicsSemester II5Abstract algebra
MSc MathematicsSemester III1Multivariate calculus and integral transforms
MSc MathematicsSemester III2Differential Geometry
MSc MathematicsSemester III3Number theory and cryptography
MSc MathematicsSemester III5Functional Analysis
Open CoursesSemester V1Environmental history in Indian context
Open CoursesSemester V2Food science
Open CoursesSemester V3Applicable mathematics
Open CoursesSemester V4Energy and environmental studies
Open CoursesSemester V5Fundamentals of accounting
Open CoursesSemester V6Physical health and life skills
Open CoursesSemester V7English for careers